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Inventiacs TabletProp - Universal Fit Soft Flexible Tablet Stand

Inventiacs TabletProp - Universal Fit Soft Flexible Tablet Stand

SKU: TabletPropBlack

Looking for something really simple that works great? TabletProp is the answer. TabletProp is a durable one-piece stand that works for different kinds of tablets, smartphones, eReaders and other small mobile devices. It's great for iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5s, and prior models as well as most other like-sized electronic devices with view screens (Kindles, HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, Droids, LG, iPods, etc).


The universal design means it can work for multiple devices. This light, portable stand is easy to use and move around. The not-too-tight sizing provides enough room for silicone or plastic cases. TabletProp is made of high-quality FDA grade Non-Slip Silicone (kitchenware grade) - give it a quick rinse in the sink to keep clean. There are no moving parts, nothing to break or eventually wear out. Constructed with a hollow center so that it will flex and then snap back to shape if squeezed.


TabletProp is ideal for using devices in both Portrait and Landscape. This prop acts as a platform providing just the right lift and angles when using video chat. It is a great office desk stand that can be easily picked up and also used in the kitchen, bedroom, etc.. From the makers of PhoneProp (which is just for phones).

    $18.00 Regular Price
    $10.00Sale Price
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