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Prop and Stop – Front Load Washer Door Holder: Helps your Washer Dry Properly to Prevent Odors


STOPS WASHER ODOR - PROP and STOP holds your washer door slightly ajar, so that air can circulate in and out, promoting proper drying.

That musty odor coming from your front-load washer is caused by residual moisture inside the unit and on the rubber door seal. Moisture can promote those nasty odors which can even transfer to your clean clothes! - YUCK! PROP your door and STOP the odor!


ONE-PIECE, SIMPLE and EASY TO USE - PROP and STOP's compact, soft, one-piece design makes it the most universal and easy-to-use washer door prop on the market.


FULL FUNCTION - With two strong rubber covered magnet ends, PROP and STOP attaches to both your washing machine's inside door frame and to the door, keeping the door from closing or swinging wide open.


EASY TO USE/UNIVERSAL - Works with almost all washers. Included 3M adhesive backed magnetic Catch Disks provide secure attachment to even non-magnetic washer doors and/or frames. All units now have special Primer Stickers that dramatically improve adhesion to even the slipperiest door materials. You choose where to place your PROP and STOP, to adjust for the door opening that works best for you!


SAFE FOR YOUR WASHER - Soft, flexible silicone rubber, with an open "spring-like" design lets t

The PROP and STOP move with your washer door just like a little shock absorber. This protects your washer from damage if the door is accidentally bumped or leaned into.


STAYS ATTACHED - PROP and STOP stays attached, even if your washer door is bumped by a passing dog or child.


EASY TO STORE - Easily stores out of the way anywhere on your washer.


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