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Clicker Covers Storage Case with Four 3 Packs (12 Bags Total)

Clicker Covers Storage Case with Four 3 Packs (12 Bags Total)

SKU: clickcovbagblack12
  • Four Clicker Cover 3 Packs (12 bags total) with Storage Case (Black). 3 Packs are small and light making them ideal for placing in a briefcase, purse, backpack, overnight kit or luggage pocket.
  • Protect yourself from that icky germ-ridden hotel TV remote control by completely covering it with a protective barrier.
  • Bags are slightly over-sized in order to fit the vast majority of hotel remote controls. Self-adhesive closure is simple to apply (no ties or bands). Excess can be folded or tucked in on back side of remote if desired.
  • Storage Case helps keep the 3 packs organized and easy to locate. Clip to a hanger in your closet or attach it to your luggage.
  • TV remote controls are often cited as the greatest hotel cleanliness concern. Fully enclose it in a durable clear bag and make it worry-free.


Have you read any scary reports on hotel cleanliness lately? They often point out that the most icky, germ-ridden item in the room is the TV remote control. Clicker Covers to the rescue! These disposable yet durable clear plastic bags will keep your hands clean by separating you from the gross stuff we won’t go into detail on here.


The handy zipper-close storage case with clip can stay with your luggage or be hooked on a hanger in your closet. It's the perfect spot to keep your Clicker Cover 3 Packs organized and easy to find when getting ready for a trip. Why 3 Packs? It gives you options. The packs containing 3 bags each are small and light, making them easy to fit in a purse, toiletry bag, backpack, purse or a pocket in your luggage. Having 3 bags also gives you options if going to multiple locations.


Each see-though durable 1.5 mil thick Clicker Cover plastic bag comes with a self-adhesive flap closure to quickly and easily encapsulate the TV remote control. The slightly over-sized bags are large enough to fit the vast majority of hotel remotes and don’t interfere with the controllers’ functionality. Be worry free in one-two-three: (1) drop the remote in the protective bag (2) fold the bag length wise to fit the remote and (3) seal it up. When you head home just leave the single use disposable Clicker Cover bag behind.


Still wondering if this product is for you? Do a online search with the words “hotel”, “germs” and “remote”. After you read a few lines we hope you’ll come back and make Clicker Covers a part of your healthy traveling routine.

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    Color: Black
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